Employee welfare

NLL strongly belives in Nurturing & Enriching its Human capital & workforce in an efforts to make life worth living for workmen. These efforts has delivered to win over employee’s loyalty, satisfactory, productivity and increase their morale.

NLL undertakes following activities as a part of Employee Welfare services:

  • Safety Services
    New employees, because of their difficulty in adjusting to the work situation have many more accidents than old workers do. NLL regularly organizes safety training as a part of Training schedule to impart Safety training at workplace
  • Safety training, education and publicity week
    Safety training week celebration is concerned with developing safety skills among workers & employees.
  • Personal protective equipment
    NLL provides variety of personal safety equipment to its shop floor employees for complete safety at work.
  • Basic Facilities for Welfare of Employees
    NLL has strongly believes in providing comforting environment to its work force which varies from basic facilities like washing facilities for the use of male and female employees, suitable arrangement for all workers to sit for taking rest , first-aid boxes or cupboard
  • Ambulatory services at workplace
    NLL has taken adequate care to make available ambulatory services at its work stations.
  • Sports day
    NLL regularly celebrates sports day events every year across its locations