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12 MW Clean Energy produced

85% Captive power

Green Tech

NLL’s EHS (Environment Health & Safety Cell) strictly adheres to the US Environmental Protection Agency's principles of Green Chemistry to comply & fulfill inhouse mandatory guidelines which are as Follows:

  • Prevent waste

  • Design safety products

  • Implement less hazardous chemical process

  • Use renewable feedstocks

  • Employ catalysts instead of stoichiometric reagents

  • Avoid chemical derivates

  • Reduce solvent use or use safer solvents and reaction conditions

  • Improve energy efficiency

  • Design biodegradability

  • Analyse in real time to prevent pollution

  • Minimise accidents

  • Recover all elements


Energy efficiency : Power plant

Improving energy efficiency is a strategic goal at NLL. 85% of NLL’s Power is Generated by NLL’s Captive Power Plant. Not only this has helped NLL to reduce overall manufacturing cost but has also helped to reduce environmental emissions thereby establishing a strong foundation for a corporate green house gas management programme. In order to achieve this dual mission of reducing environmental emissions & cost reducing NLL started its captive power plant also called as NecLife Biomass Cogeneration Project.

This agro-based captive power generation plant runs on husk and can be switched over to 10 other feed stocks if the need be like coal, wood chips, saw dust and leaf cuttings.

EHS policy : Solvent Reduction by Recovery

Solvent reduction is the sweet spot for greening any pharma process. About 80 percent of pharma waste results from solvent use, with the remainder related to reagents and raw materials. We at NLL strong believe replacement of organic solvents with safer available aqueous solvents & similar other available options to protect the environment and health as well as industrial safety. NLL strongly believe in developing or improving existing chemical products and processes to make them less hazardous to human health and environment.

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