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Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules

Indian EHGC market is estimated at approx 64 billion capsules in absolute production terms. NLL has invested in a State-of-the-art Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules manufacturing facility. This Unit replicates the pharma value –orientation into its processes and systems to manufacture globally benchmarked products finding US and EU acceptance as well. The unit is completely based on pharma concept & is the only unit to follow unique concept of SMSR (Single Machine Single Room).


NLL currently has a production capacity of 4 billion capsule shells.

Some of the unique features of NLL EHGC facility are:

  • The State of the Art facility is based on Pharma Concept with a built up area of 74590 Sq.Ft.

  • All production lines are independent of other lines and duly segregated. (SMSR)

  • Facility complies with the cGMP guidelines of USFDA, UK MHRA, WHO, & EMEA.

  • The complete production facility is having 100,000 Class of Air.

  • Complete uniflow pattern is observed for all the materials.

  • Printing facility is also having distinct segregated lines.


With in few years of inception NLL is amongst top 5 EHGC manufacturers in India catering to both domestic & export markets.

Nectar’s two-piece double lock gelatin capsules are manufactured in compliance with cGMP requirements of US FDA and EDQM norms and ISO 9001-2008 guidelines. NLL currently offers capsules in various 5 sizes (0, 0el, 1, 2, 3) with all colour and printing options. NLL specially caters to customized needs of BSE-Free shells without sulfites, sodium or ethylene oxide.

Nectar has recently launched two new innovative products in EHGC – menthol capsules (Nexxicap MintyTM) and pearl capsule (Nexxicap PearlTM).

Some of the prominient features of our capsules are:

  • DMF filed

  • All printing options (linear, circular, spiral, oriented, Non-oriented etc)

  • Different Sizes (0, 0el,1,2,3)

  • 5 year shelf life

  • Ethylene oxide free

  • BSE & TSE Free

  • Halal certification

  • Manufactured with pharmaceutical DMF & EDQM certified gelatin

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